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Group of pictures showing different activities related to each of the causes

Actions & Activities

The Erasmus Generation actively engages with its local community through a variety of initiatives and activities, enriching society by connecting international exchange students with their local host communities. Erasmus students take part in local activities organised by ESN volunteers with a focus on 6 different focus areas: education & youth, social inclusion, culture, health & well-being, environmental sustainability and skills & employability.

On this page, you can find an overview of the latest activities taking place.









Erasmus Activities

Upcoming Activities

Skills & Employability

Students raising hands during a workshop

- Upcoming

Ravenna , IT

A night out for Erasmus, International Students and ESNers

ESN Ravenna and 2 other organisations

Discover our projects & open calls:

ESN coordinates a lot of different projects that aim to reach out to young people on the ground.

Interested in the different topics? Click on one of the projects to find useful resources to organise impactful activities.

Past Activities

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Lund , SE

Educate students about the stigmas and physiology of vulvas

ESN Lund and 1 other organisation