Studying abroad is an opportunity to acquire new and healthy habits such as engaging in sports activities or having a balanced diet. ESN organises several events on the topic and works to raise the health literacy of international students.

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

Buddy Activity: Lasergame


Wageningen , NL

That groups can do an activity with each other and compete against other groups (to strengthen their buddy group bond)

ESN Wageningen

Environmental Sustainability

Image of a compostable cup

Hike around Hohentwiel


Singen (hohentwiel), DE

Enjoying the outdoors and exploring Hohentwiel together on a hike to see what the region has to offer! 

ESN Konstanz

Health & Well-being

A group of people playing beach volleyball

ESN plays Beach Volleyball


Göttingen, DE

Promoting physical activity and well-being on a welcoming environment for everyone, while having non-competitive fun and an opportunity to socialise, contributing also for the mental well-being.

ESN Göttingen


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ESN Photo Bingo


Frankfurt Am Main, DE

The goal of the activity was to educate the Erasmi and other participants on the history, culture, and geography of the city of Frankfurt. Every item on the list that they needed to photograph had some relevance or significance to the city. It was designed to be a unique way to explore and learn about Frankfurt am Main. 

ESN Frankfurt am Main