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Health & Well-being

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Karaoke Night

09/03/2021 Upcoming

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To give the students the opportunity to socialize safely 

ESN Nijmegen


Health & Well-being

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Self Awareness Training

10/03/2021 Upcoming


To increase the self-awareness of local committee members, To enable them to discover their internal and external motivations, To show how they can integrate their motivation into their daily life, To support the Empower Newbies project, To make them realize how they can contribute to ESN with their self-awareness, To train qualified ESN members


Past Activities



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Christmas with Portuguese Retailers

01/12/2020 - 31/01/2021

ESN Portugal Social Media

The aim of this project was to promote local portuguese retailers, specially the ones based in cities where we have local associations and that suffered due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and provide an alternative way to conduct Christmas shopping, where not only international students but also portuguese locals were encouraged to opt for small retailers instead of big corporations.

ESN Portugal

Skills & Employability

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Newbies Bootcamp

25/10/2020 - 31/10/2020

Lisboa, PT

The ESN on Lockdown aims to motivate ESN Lisboa members and their engagement in the sections' tasks. Since we are living in peculiar times, we have come to notice that the lack of physical events and interaction has compromised our members' motivation. We believe that through the organization of informal and team-building activities, our members will become more active in the section and continue to work for the mission and vision of ESN. For that reason, we implemented “ESN Lisboa on Lockdown”, to invite the members to reconnect and encourage the team spirit.

ESN Lisboa


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ESN Treasure Hunt


Barcelona, ES

The main objective is to let our Erasmus students discover the city in a different way, getting to know Barcelona as a local rather than just a visitor or a random tourist. They got to know the city, while doing fun activities and spending time with other international erasmus and getting to know each other. At the same time, they discovered Barcelona from a different point of view, while learning essential information for their stay in the city. We believe this also has more impact than just the typical city tour and allow our volunteers to create a stronger bond with our international students.

ESN Barcelona UPF


Education & Youth

dark blue graphic with text "Studenckie wyjazdy z Erasmus+" and the picture of ESN volunteers

Community ‘Students’ experiences within Erasmus+’ (“Studenckie wyjazdy z Erasmus+”)

25/10/2017 - 28/02/2021


promotion of the mobility (studies and internships)  within local full time students attending Polish universities, integration between outgoing students and Erasmus+ Alumni through organizing mobility webinars, creating post about different topics related to the exhanchages and going abroad based on deep analysis of interests of the group’ members, moderating discussions basing on the knowledge of volunteers running the group, LEOs, IROs and NA, publishing information about Erasmus+ programmes from trusted sources, from students to students. Supporting NA in promoting Erasmus+ programme.

ESN Poland



erasMUSESUM Online: Ephesus Banner

erasMUSEUM Online Edition

07/01/2021 - 14/01/2021


As ESN Marmara, we think that we can make the 'culture exchange' part of the Erasmus+ program better for the exchange students with the erasMUSEUM event. By visiting museums with various target groups and targets, with exchange students we can achieve new gains in many areas; historical, artistic, literary, scientific etc. With this event, we think that we provide the exchange students with the strongest experience of cultural exchange.

ESN Marmara


Health & Well-being

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Mental health in COVID times


Google Meet

Foster an inclusive and open debate on mental health, promote active listening between us in order to improve our ability to communicate on the subject, destigmatize taboo subjects like our mental situation, promote knowledge of the causes and problems that we may have in order to understand ourselves better and know how to act and involve international students in this dialogue, being a difficult issue to reach.

ESN Barcelona UPF


Social Inclusion

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Gender, love and violence: the hidden reality in times of quarantine and the COVID-19


Google Meet

On the one hand, the main objective of the event was to raise awareness on how the gender violence situation had gotten worse during the pandemic and the importance of realising that love can sometimes undertake situations of both mental and physical violence. On the other hand, another objective was to give space to talk about personal experiences or to question some of the romantic paradigm as well as to put forward some ideas about how to address some particular issues on the topic.

ESN Barcelona UPF