Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Old Town tour


Olsztyn, PL

Show the international students the most important historical monuments and introduce them to the culture of people living throuought the centuries in the land of Warmia.

ESN Olsztyn


Join ESN UniBucharest in the City Tour and find out more about the ""Little Paris of the East"".

City Tour


Bucharest, RO

Introduction to the culture and civilization of Romania of students who wanted to come to study in Bucharest.

ESN UniBucharest and 2 other organisations


Students within the Guided Tour event

Guided Tour


Timișoara, RO

learning about the beautiful and diverse architecture, the important personalities that lived here, and the events that happened in Timisoara and shaped Romania’s history. 

ESN Timisoara


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Verona City Tour


Verona, IT

The goal of the City Tour is to show to the Erasmus students the most famous and important spots of the city, especially the historical ones. 

ESN Padova

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

ESN UW Stable Visiting | Horses & Llamas


Warsaw, PL

It is an event that is rather rarely carried out among the networks, and it is a nice springboard from normal meetings and intense life in the city. Going out to the animals, not only can you learn a lot about how to care for them, but also such meetings are relaxing. Contact with animals and petting animals reduce stress.

ESN UW Warsaw


Event Facebook Cover/ View from Thessaloniki's Upper City

Erasmus Explonica: The Upper City by ESN Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki, GR

The Main goal of "Erasmus Explonica: The Upper City by ESN Thessaloniki" is International Students to explore the upper city district of Thessaloniki, learn the history of the city and enjoy the view towards the rest of the city, Thermaikos gulf and mount Olympus.

ESN AUTH and 2 other organisations