Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Bosphorus Tour


Fatih/istanbul, TR

The goal of the activity is to take a look at Istanbul from Bosphorus while exploring the beauties and historical structures of the Bosphorus, at the same time breathing the sea air will create an amazing atmosphere.

ESN Marmara


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

erasMUSEUM: Rahmi Koç Museum


Beyoglu, TR

The goals of the activity are to tour a museum dedicated to the collecting, housing, researching, preserving and exhibiting of industrial and engineering objects and their documentation from all countries and periods up to the present day. Therefore, seeing all the culture that lies with every collection piece.

ESN Marmara

Environmental Sustainability

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Discover the Botanical Garden


Bucharest, RO

The main goal of this activity was to familiarise local and international students with natural elements from all over the world, right here, in Bucharest. We sought to increase awareness regarding the importance of nature conservation through fun, competitive activities.

ESN UniBucharest and 2 other organisations


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Discovering Dozza


Bologna, IT

L'obiettivo dell'attività è mostrare al nostro Erasmus un borgo medievale conosciuto come  il museo vivente. 

ESN Modena


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Museo Egizio


Torino, IT

The goal was to show the erasmus students the Museo Egizio, one of the biggest in the world.

ESN Torino


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Carlo Bilotti's Museum visit


Roma, IT

The goal is to share with the incoming students the beauties of a modern art museum, with masterpieces of important authors both from Italy and abroad.



Students waiving multiple flags during an event

The Last Supper Visit


Milan, IT

The goal was to give international students the opportunity to discover and to admire one of the most important work of art of Milan, the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.

ESN Milano Statale



Discovering La Fenice


Venezia, IT

Thanks to this event, our international students had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful theaters in the world: La Fenice Theatre.

ESN Venezia


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Duomo Guided Tour


Milano , IT

To allow international students to take part in a guided tour that would otherwise be quite expensive and difficult to book on their own. Although it is a well-known cathedral and perhaps one of the first destinations reached by students as soon as they arrive in Milan, this event allows them to get to know it more thoroughly from a historical, artistic and architectural point of view.

ESN Politecnico Milano