Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Sofia trip - culture, history & present

16/04/2021 - 18/04/2021

Sofia, BG

The main goals of the trip are: 1) raise awareness of the culture and history of Bulgaria; 2) live in an environmentally and health responsible way; 3) discover new facts about the country and the capital in particular.

ESN Svishtov



Buddy Bonding


Bucharest, RO

Moving to a new place will always require some adapting and setting up. Thankfully, our awesome Buddy program aims to make this as easy as it can get! 🤗

ESN ASE Bucharest


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Pub Crawl


Targu Mures, RO

As the new semester started in our university, we wanted to welcome the new incoming students and to re-meet the incoming students that were already here as part of the Welcoming Days.

ESN Targu Mures

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

The ESN Pub Quiz


Valletta, MT

Having the students sociliase during a quiz in a responsible way considering the ongoing pandemic

ESN Malta

Health & Well-being

Buddy Weekend Facebook Cover

Buddy Weekend

02/10/2020 - 04/10/2020

Kořenov, CZ

Teambuilding Involvement of potential/new members in the organization of ESN activities To experience a lot of fun Reward for volunteering

ISC CTU in Prague


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Barceloca Party


Targu Mures, RO

A new pub was reopened in town and they had a welcoming party.

ESN Targu Mures and 1 other organisation


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

ESN Karaoke


Tallinn, EE

Give students an opportunity to release their inner superstar!

ESN Tallinn and 1 other organisation

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Erasmus National Games Portugal 2020

06/03/2020 - 08/03/2020

Coimbra, PT

The main objective of the event is to promote the practice of a healthy lifestyle and intercultural understanding, cooperation and inclusion behaviours, having  the competition as the main activity. It has also a cultural aspect in which the objective is to show the city of Coimbra, known in Portugal as the “city of students”, to the participants and the international student community. During the event, activities were also developed to make participants more aware of important topics such as gender balanced participation in sports, as well as the practice of Adapted Sports through interactive activities while getting to know some  athletes and their realities (Boccia Pro-Section from the Academic Association of Coimbra). The purpose of the competition is for the winner to represent ESN Portugal at the International Erasmus Games. It’s also an opportunity for ESN Portugal and its associated local members to create new partnerships and strengthen relationships with already existent ones. Last but not least, it was also fostered among the participants an Environmental Sustainability mentality, raising awareness to the reduction of waste, using reusable glasses and bottles, and distributing water during the event.

ESN Portugal