Besides having been a member of the Stakeholders’ Committee of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018, ESN organises hundreds of cultural activities every year. The promotion of intercultural understanding is at the core of ESN’s mission.


Social Inclusion

Students with electronic devices

LGBTQI+ training

22/06/2021 Upcoming


To educate and bring more awareness about LGBTQI+ society and to build more inclusive community.

ESN Nijmegen

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

The last Hurray

18/06/2021 Upcoming

Mechelen, BE

Give the students one last memory of their exchange here in Belgium.

ESN Mechelen

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Food donation


Valencia, ES

Making international students aware of the society´s inequalities through a food donation.

ESN en UV and 3 other organisations


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Bosphorus Tour


Fatih/istanbul, TR

The goal of the activity is to take a look at Istanbul from Bosphorus while exploring the beauties and historical structures of the Bosphorus, at the same time breathing the sea air will create an amazing atmosphere.

ESN Marmara

Education & Youth

Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program

Solidary Meals


Valencia, ES

Raising awarness about society´s inequalities in Valencia by involving international students

ESN en UV and 3 other organisations


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Walking International Dinner


Utrecht, NL

Showcase the cultural heritage of three different cultures by sharing traditional dishes from their cuisine and open an intercultural dialog.

ESN Utrecht


Linguistic tandem cover image

Linguistic Tandem


Padova, IT

To allow people with different cultural backgrounds to practice and learn about foreign languages and to teach about their own native language.

ESN Padova