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Tartu Day Trip with ESN
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Day trip


Hello all light travelers! Are you ready for a day trip to our best friend? 

ESNers of Tallinn is going to Tartu for a day trip, and you are all welcome to join us! ESN volunteers will help to direct you to the right place on both places. So no worries about getting lost 

And the best part is that we will meet with ESN Tartu members there! They will give us some local guiding in the town, and even some suggestions to where to eat. 

Here are some suggestions on where to book the bus with different options. (Bus should take about 2,5 hours and cost less than 20 EUR each direction.) Make sure you book both ways 


PS: Even though it is still in-country, still don’t forget your travel documents (ID for EU citizens, passport for non-EU citizens)

Please fill the form after you buy the bus/train tickets:

 We have the final confrontation between Tartu and Tallinn on the same day! Join the ESN Tartu vs ESN Tallinn Football Match ( while you are in Tartu and support our team!

But if you want your own free time, that is also fine, you go ahead and be an independent traveler in the student city of Estonia 


 WHAT: Tartu Day Trip with ESN

 WHERE: We will meet at the bussijaam with you!

 WHEN: Choose one of the times that suits best!

 HOW MUCH: Buy your own tickets from our suggestions!

PS: If you have any problems with your tickets, or need assistance, please contact the customer support of the company you got the tickets from.

ESN Tallinn, ESN Tartu, ESN TalTech IC, ESN TLU IC 

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Counter Stereotypes & Embrace Cultural Differences
Fostering Circular Economy
Boosting Urban Nature
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Gender Equality
Mental Health & Well-Being
Post-Mobility Reintegration
Physical Health & Well-Being
Showcase Cultural Heritage
Showcase Natural Heritage
Support Language Learning
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