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ESN Tallinn Pub Crawl: Treasure Hunt Edition
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YO HO HO fellow students!  The treasure awaits you and what better place is there to look than bars? Aye, there is none. So, join us on the adventure of the Treasure Hunt themed Pub Crawl!! 

You say you want to be a pirate. Alas! Before we sail, you shall prove your skills on land and earn the respect of the captain! Our sacred land of Treasure Hunt shall be the old town. Ahoy! A night full of booze, treasure, and glory awaits us all!

During the evening we will visit different spots and bars, trying to win against infamous game masters and complete challenges for more treasure! Every time we stop for a game, we will warm our forsaken bones with some drinks. Completing tasks will earn you some gold coins.  The team that earns the most will win a prize in the end! 

PS: Dressing up as pirates is highly recommended, but also don't forget to have several layers since some challenges will be happening outside.

Yarrr, let the better pirate win!!! 

You need to buy the ticket by March 23rd 19:00 to join the event


 WHAT: ESN Tallinn Pub Crawl: Treasure Hunt Edition

 WHERE: Tallinn Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak 9)

 WHEN: Friday 24th of March @19:00

 HOW MUCH: 15 EUR with ESNcard (20 EUR without)

What does the ticket include?
- Icebreaker drinks on the start
- Pub crawl challenges
- 9 games (4 outside, 5 inside)
- Shots at inside locations
- Club Hollywood entrance
- Prizes for winner team
- An unforgettable night




PHYSICAL PAYMENT: Office hours at ESN Tallinn office (Raekoja plats 16)

NB! To participate register and pay for your ticket latest 23/03, 19:00

Do not forget to bring your ESNcard, we will check on spot!!!


 Cancellation policy: You can cancel your ticket and get your money back until March 23rd from the ESN Tallinn office only!

*Please note: This event was organised by members of ESN in Tallinn to help you get the most out of your Erasmus life! All ESN events are non-profit and organised by students on a voluntary basis.
** By attending this event you automatically give us permission to take pictures and use them for promotional purposes.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Fostering Responsible Consumption
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Gender Equality
Mental Health & Well-Being
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