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Group of international students in Plebiscito square in Naples
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The trip to Naples aims to offer Erasmus students a culturally enriching experience, and it allows students to experience first-hand the rich culture of Southern Italy. The trip aims to get to know Erasmus students from all over the Italian network, broaden their horizons and create memories of their time abroad.


Napoli Spring Break is the main event of ESN Napoli, held every April. During these three days, our Erasmus students had the opportunity to befriend new people and get to know some others better. On Friday and Sunday, we had the chance to explore different parts of the city, thanks to the city tours organised by ESN Napoli's volunteers, while on Saturday we went on an amazing trip to Capri island, where we spent the whole day between the tour of the isle and some free time, during which we also had the chance to go for a swim. 
Overall, the experience was worth the long night bus trip we needed to go through to reach Naples from Turin.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals