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Erasmus Welcome Day


Microsoft Teams

Promotion of Participation in Student Mobility, discovering the benefits of Erasmus +. The main goal of the online campaign is to encourage Italian students to take part in the Erasmus exchange program and promote the possibilities of mobility through showing them the real experience of people. The campaign takes place in our official Social media page of Università degli studi di Palermo and their Microsoft Teams circuit. moreover was the chance for the rector and the main board of university to give the Welcome to international students.

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Environmental Sustainability

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A green planet is a clean planet


Cefalù, IT

In coperation with WWF, we organized a social event, in which the envolved people cleaned the quay of the Port of Cefalù. The objective, albeit simple, was achieved in the few hours of the event and, despite the low affluence of Erasmus, due to Covid, the few present showed a great interest and participation. 

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Movie night


Palermo , IT

By virtue of the anti-racist movements occurred in America and all over the world. following the George Floydd's death, we felt to devote a night to the fight against social injustices, abuses and racism. 

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Social Inclusion

One place of our tour

Memorial Tour ( for the victims of mafia)


zoom & youtube streaming

the aim of the memory tour is to introduce mobile students to the places in the city of palermo that have been the scene of heinous mafia crimes. Retracing certain stages, remembering the victims, paying homage to the sacrifice of the people who fought for the freedom of others is one of the most important tools to hand down the culture of legality and common sense so that certain mistakes are no longer made. The day of the memorial tour organized by our section coincides with the day of the commemoration of the victims of the mafia, a national celebration that also has the task of paying homage, on the day of the massacre of Capaci when Judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife and his escort died, to all the victims of the mafia and to remember that the commitment of us citizens lasts 365 days a year and not just one day a year.

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Environmental Sustainability

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Moda ecosostenibile

12/05/2020 - 17/05/2020


We partecipated in the Green Month initiative, proposed by ESN Italy, to raise awareness among international students about the environmental issue. ESNPalermo has decided to devote all its offerts to the sector of eco-sustainable fashion. Our goal was to get to know as many people as possible, how easy it can be to buy eco-friendly clothes.  So we did some research to explain which brands are committed to making sustainable garments, for example Adidas and Converse. We also shared a map of Sicily, pointing out the places where you can find vintage and second-hand shops. We also, thanks to the Instagram Quizzes, shared useful and little-known knowledge about the big brands and the ways in which an eco-sustainable fashion is created. 

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Social Inclusion

Students with electronic devices

Cooking Challenge



Our goal was to get to know different types of cuisine, to appreciate the culinary diversity of other countries. We gave to our partecipants a list of ingredients, if they used it, they would have taken bonus points. the ingredients were related with our region, Sicily.

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