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Goal of the Activity

The cooperation between the sections was important and made it easier for us to perceive another culture and customs. Through the means of social media we were able to bring our participants closer to the most important aspects of taking care of one's health in every aspect


For a week, in cooperation with our friendly section from Turkey, ESN Ankara University, we conducted a week related to health and well-being. On Monday and Tuesday, we exchanged Instagram accounts, where our Communication Managers shared their history, experiences in volunteering in ESN, fun facts about each other countries. From Wednesday to Friday, we shared healthy, traditional Polish and Turkish recipes on FB event and Instagram. Then, on Friday, we organized Zumba classes online and offline (we had an opportunity for 10 people to join classes by person). We ended the week by cooking one of the Turkish recipes on Instagram which was chosen by people on Instastory. On Instagram of ESN UKSW you will find saved live on IG TV.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Post-Mobility Reintegration
Physical Health & Well-Being
This activity was organised by: