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A group of young students sitting with several kids during an Erasmus in Schools activity
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Cangas Del Narcea
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Objective / Goal of the activity
  • Including the international students into the rural, lesser-known parts of our region
  • Giving children in rural areas a chance at internationalization at home, since they have it more difficult to travel and live a multicultural experience
  • Raising awareness about sustainability, as the topic of the EiS was sustainable practices in different countries and cultures
  • Showing international higher-education students how jobs in agriculture and livestock are

During a whole weekend, a group of 7 international students and 4 ESN volunteers ventured into the deep Asturian countryside, one of the most mountanous and green (and arguably most beautiful) regions of Spain, the trip there was achieved using two electric cars, thanks to a local company which is promoting mobility in this region with the rental of this kind of vehicles.

During this time, they took part in an Eramsus in School activity with the local children, coming from different towns from the region. In the activity, the students showed the culture and language of their respective countries and took part on an important activity, as the school was celebrating their "sustainability week", the students shared best practices from their own countries.

After the EiS, the participants took part in different cultural activities, such as visiting the villages of Cangas del Narcea, and Naraval, the latter being a really small one (with about 50 inhabitants), and where an International Dinner was carried out.

On the morning of the last day, the group headed to a local milking facility, where they had an opportunity to get to know how people work there and had great fun in this new experience.

After a whole day visiting the rural region, the unique architechture and lifestyle, the participants headed back to the city with their electric cars.

Result of the activity

This was, unanimously, one of the best activities of the year, according to the participants, the great fun they had and the experience they got to live has been unforgettable.

The schools students were pleased with the visit and they event asked the participants for autographs after they finished, and the whole overall opinion by everyone is great.

As a remark, we strived to make this activity sustainable, by carrying our own food and using electric cars, which proved useful and not that expensive.

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