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Goal of the Activity

The main goal of the activity was uncovering and discovering some polish mysteries, myths and stereotypes about our country that foreigners encounter during their exchange in Poland.


This online event was suppose to bring students closer and share with them some details of polish heritage, history, cuisine, legends and interesting but less known places. We first started with some facts from polish history and brefied students about the most known Poles, first engaged in interaction about people they heard about where from Poland. We talked about the best known polish legends, as well as some unique food examples that students could try during their stay. The presentation finished with examples of less popular but worth visiting places, like Malbork Castle or Zalipie village. In the end we run a kahoot round of questions where students could check their knowledge from what they have just heard from ESN Members but also find out some new facts, like the amount of beer Poles approximately consume annually. 


By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4: Quality EducationGoal 10: Reduced InequalitiesGoal 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesGoal 12: Responsible Consumption and ProductionGoal 13: Climate Action
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