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Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
Goal of the Activity

The objective was to show the less common trip destinations around Czech Republic and also to create an opportunity for exchange students to get to know each other.


At the end of the Orientation Week, our section organizes a series of trips around various locations in Czech Republic. These trips are 1-2 days long and we usually accompany them with various ice breaking activities, so the students get to know each other more. Each trip is organized by around 4 volunteers from ranks of local students.

This semester, we managed to organize 5 trips: Kutná Hora, Czech Switzerland, Ostrava, Okoř and Pilsen. Around 128 exchange students attended these trips and we had very positive feedback from both organizers and participants.

Each trip had a similar schedule, take a bus/train to the target location, do a small hike, do some ice breaking activities, have some food and then take the bus/train back home. For two day trips, we also did some more elaborate activities, like a Mafia game.


By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-BeingGoal 4: Quality EducationGoal 11: Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesGoal 13: Climate Action
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