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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

As the name of the initiative promoted by the Responsible Party says, the purpose of the activity is, to share good vibes during the quarantine period and to show that ESNers and Erasmus students have been able to seize the good from a difficult situation. The distance didn’t stop us from showing how life was going on and how during these days we could do a lot of useful activities that put us in a great mood.

Learning Objective for the participants

Participants were invited to realize a video in which they describe and show what were the things that made them happy during the quarantine and helped them get through the period. Moreover, the activity itself showed that nobody was alone but connected through the big net of Media.

Result of the activity

The result is a video made up of all the volunteers and Erasmus testimonies. The video represents the spirit of our association, which did not disappeared even in lockdown. There was a great participation from everybody and we were amazed and happy about it. To meet specific mounting needs there aren’t some clips but if you’re curious contact us for a preview of the extended version.