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Goal of the Activity

The primary objective of the ESN Week Initiative was to showcase the mission and values of the Erasmus Student Network by organizing a diverse array of events catered to different causes. These events aimed to foster a sense of community, promote cultural exchange, and empower students through various themes, including environmental sustainability, health and well-being, social inclusion, education and youth, skills and employability, and culture. By aligning each day's activities with a specific cause of ESN, the goal was to raise awareness and actively engage students in meaningful discussions and experiences related to these important topics.


The ESN Week was full of activities and events. 

Each day was crafted around a distinct cause of ESN, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of relevant issues and themes.


11.03 EcoArt Class (Environmental Sustainability) - EcoArt class encouraged students to repurpose materials like empty bottles and old records into creative works of art, emphasizing the importance of recycling and waste reduction.


12.03 Mental Health workshop (Health & Well-Being) - During this event students were engaged in candid discussions with a psychologist, gaining insights into coping strategies and mental well-being during their Erasmus exchange, addressing a crucial aspect often overlooked in student life.


13.03 Social Inclusion Debate (Social Inclusion) - Students participated in a thought-provoking debate on stereotypes, providing a platform for open dialogue and mutual understanding, promoting inclusivity within the student community.


14.03 Tandem (Education and Youth) - Event allowing students to exchange languages, fostering cross-cultural communication and language proficiency, essential skills for today's interconnected world.


15.03 Leadership and Public Speaking training session (Skills and Employability), - Session aimed at enhancing students' professional development and confidence, equipping them with valuable skills for their future careers.


16.03 Museum Visit (Culture) - To explore the rich cinematic heritage at the Museum of Cinematography, providing a glimpse into Polish culture and history.


Finally, on March 17th, the week concluded with an Open Section Meeting, offering all participants the opportunity to reflect on their experiences, share feedback, and strengthen the bonds forged throughout the week.


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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Fostering Responsible Consumption
Encouraging Energy Efficiency
Reducing Waste and Promoting Recycling
Mental Health & Well-Being
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
Support Language Learning
This activity was organised by: