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Fuente Vaqueros
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Objective / Goal of the activity

The aim of this activity is to bring international students closer to a local reality in a rural area, such as Fuente Vaqueros, a village on the outskirts of Granada. The students of the high school were able to learn about other countries, cultures and festivities while the international students got to know the idiosyncrasy of Andalusia's day (28th of February), the local and rural culture and enjoy a multicultural dialogue. Furthermore, we went walking to the countryside area in order to do some hiking while meeting eachother.


We went with international students to the High school Fernando de los Rios in the town of Fuente Vaqueros to celebrate the day of Andalusia with the students and go hiking in the countryside. Upon arrival, we went hiking through the countryside as we got to know each other. When we reached the end of the walk, they were explaining what Andalusia Day was all about and the international students were also explaining the festivities in their countries. Afterwards, we returned to the institute, sang the Andalusian hymn and had the typical Andalusian breakfast: bread with oil and ham.

Result of the activity

The result was a rapprochement between two very different sectors: children who are educated in the rural environment with little knowledge of international mobility  and multicukturalism and international students who do not know the rural environment of the city where they study.
All this facilitated an awareness of both sectors mutually. Everyone learned about how each group lived, what they normally did and what opportunities they had. 
In the end, an atmosphere was created in which we all learned a lot, enjoyed the local rural culture and were eager to repeat.

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