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Goal of the Activity

Participate in a social event for charity, getting to know people, getting a break from university, participate in a national event from ESN Germany.


Hey everyone!🤩

Together we want to participate in the Charity Run planned by ESN Germany.
So come and join us for a heartwarming stroll along the Kiellinie and through our lovely wintry city. ❄🥾
For every kilometer covered, ESN will donate to the "Rotes Kreuz" to support their projects for homeless children. Bring your smartphone or some other device to record your distance, and after the run, send a screenshot of your achievement to [email protected]
Your steps will make a real difference. So lace up your sneakers, bring warm clothes and enthusiasm, and let's make a stride for charity together!🔥

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Counter Stereotypes & Embrace Cultural Differences
Diversity and Inclusion of Minority Groups
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Mental Health & Well-Being
Physical Health & Well-Being
Support Language Learning
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