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Group picture near Canal Grande with the flag of ESN Venezia
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Through this activity we wanted to show and promote another side of Venice and start a discussion on how to implement the SDGs and sustainability in our local cities, especially in the big and touristic ones like Venice.


This event was realized in collaboration with ESN Padova and another local student association “Ca’ Foscari for SDGs”. We took the international students around the city of Venice visiting less known and less touristic parts of the city while discussing SDGs, sustainability, and the impact of climate change on the city. Some examples of the stops included in the tour are an artisan shop of carnival masks where we talked about traditions and responsible production and consumption, “Malefatte” a shop that creates product using recycled billboards and employs people who are in jail, the fish market where we talked about SDG 14 life under the water and in general about the sustainable consumption of fish, and many more.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Slow and Sustainable Tourism
This activity was organised by:
Università Ca' Foscari