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To create a vibrant and memorable UV Party experience for our Erasmus students in collaboration with other ESN sections, fostering a sense of unity, excitement, and cultural exchange while providing an opportunity for students to unwind and enjoy an electrifying nightlife atmosphere.


Our UV Party, organized in collaboration with other ESN sections, was a dynamic and exhilarating event that aimed to provide our Erasmus students with an unforgettable and unique nightlife experience. The key elements of this event included:

  1. Immersive UV Atmosphere: We transformed the party venue into an electric and glowing space with ultraviolet (UV) lighting and neon decorations. This created an ambiance where fluorescent colors, clothing, and accessories shone brightly under the blacklights.
  2. Cultural Exchange: Erasmus students from various countries were encouraged to showcase their unique cultural expressions through UV face and body painting, sharing their traditions and creativity in a visually stunning way.
  3. Unity and Inclusivity: The UV Party brought together students from different backgrounds and nationalities, promoting inclusivity and fostering connections among attendees. It provided a space for students to socialize, bond, and celebrate their diverse backgrounds.

Our UV Party was a vibrant celebration of culture, unity, and nightlife, creating lasting memories for our Erasmus students and showcasing the diversity and energy of our international community. Through this event, we aimed to foster a sense of belonging and shared experiences among our students, ensuring they had a remarkable and thrilling evening to cherish during their time abroad.

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