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Objective / Goal of the activity

In this village,students are studying primary and secondary school.Afterwards,they go to different regions to study in boarding schools.The fact that students who didnt leave the village untill 13-14 of age go to different regions leads to mant orieantation and pychological problems.So our aims are,solving their orientation problems and they may not have equal opportunities in education and educate them under 4 main headings,giving non formal educations,setting libarary to use it and these children havent leave from village and they dont know other cultures,our purpose is meet childrens and different cultures.We want that they can understand external World and they are a part of this World.They have same opportunities and rights like the other children.


We called volunteers across Turkey.More than hundred of volunteers sent their CVs and motivation letter.We found some sponsporships for necessaries(Pelikan,Pensan,Cag University.)We give Welcome Part in Adana,we donated all money for this project.And we won donation programme with Pegasus(We are flying to tomorrow).We participated the project with 15 trainers and 1 pyschologist who choseen.Between 17th and 20th December,we went the Yalnızcabag Village.We met the families of the children and got the necessary permissions from them. The first day, studies were carried out with parents.We trained a total of 78 children.The training topics were designed according to five different levels.

First group:5-6-7 ages

Second group:8-9 ages

Third group:10-11 ages

Forth group:12-13 ages

Fifth group:14 ages

Children were educated under the 4 main headings.Thes issues are:sexual equality,health,social media and childrens's rights.

1-)Gender Mainstreaming

a)suitable game were designed for gender equality education for first,second,third and fourth group and children were educated with this game.

b)The fifth group was brainstorming about social roles.


a)The first,second and third groups were trained on hand washing and physical cleaning.Information was given about dental health.

b)The fourth and fifth groups were given trainings on microbes,physical cleaning,adolescence and dental health.

c)Toothbrush and toothpaste were distrubuted to all groups.(Sponcered)

3)Social Media:

a)For the first,second,third groups 'What is social media?The game was designed and training on the use of secure social media over the game was provided.

b)The fourth and fifth groups were trained on the history of social media,the use of secure social media,cyber bullying and digital law.

c)We gave social media training with Habitat 'Kontrol Bende' trainers.

4)Children Rights

a)The first,second,third groups were played a game about children's rights.

b)To the fourth and fifth groups we asked that 'What rights would you like to have if you were to write own rights?' We brainstormed and the students presented their ideas.Finally we read and discussed the convention on the rights of children together.

           -We designed 10 workshop for children.In this process,we aimed to develop fine motor skills of the children,to emerge creativitiy and to increase enviromental awareness.We designed scinece,painting,environment,puppet,bag design,drama workshops for the purposes.

These workshops are:Dream workshop,Creative Writing,Drawing and Painting,Puppet,Science,Environment,Leetter,Drama,Bag Design,Plant.

Finally end of the Project,we set the library for children.

Result of the activity

We educated about 78 children about different topics with our trainings and psychologist who   are volunteers.We set library.We donate these materials which children's needs:children's felt paints, watercolors, crayons, notebooks, pens, erasers, bags, toothpaste and toothbrushes.We received feedback from children, their families and volunteers.

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