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To explore another, more secluded part of Riga.


On the banks of Mangalsala, it is possible to see the wreckage of a reinforced concrete ship, which hides many city legends. There are many mysterious underground structures in the forest, where bats live, and where you can get lost in long underground tunnels. We will look for secret entrances to the bunkers and follow in the footsteps of Swedish, Russian, German and Latvian soldiers. Be ready for some horror stories.
We will see - the Daugavgriva fortress, abandoned underwater torpedoes and Soviet ammunition depots, large and small bunkers, an underground tunnel and other historical objects. On the way there will be an organized area with obstacles – attractions. On the event students need a torch, that they can buy by themselves in shops like – Depo, Cenu klubs, Ksenukai, or we will provide the torches on the spot for EUR 2 per torch

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
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