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Causes covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

Nicola, ex ice cream man and Active member, together with other ESNers, organized an online class on the preparation of homemade ice cream, without ice cream maker, only with the ingredients necessary for different flavors, ice and salt to give it consistency. The explanation of the procedures was combined with the history and curiosity of the ice cream, which entertained the Erasmus and which we believe is the connection point that fascinates them and that makes them choose to follow this type of activity, instead of watching a video procedure on Youtube . During the lesson we talked about an important part of Italian culture and, why not, also we tried to give the idea that ice cream can be healthy, if done well. Health and well being tip: no cream or condensed milk, the only ingredients for a lemon ice cream are water, sugar and lemon juice! The event lasted just over 2 hours and various types of ice cream were prepared: lemon, chocolate, strawberry, cheesecake.

Learning Objective for the participants

The participants learned part of Italian culture through the preparation of ice cream and the discussion of anecdotes and curiosities related to ice cream and Italy.

Result of the activity

The participants learned how to make healthy and simple ice cream at home, without special tools, understanding the chemical functioning of certain elements (such as salt and ice). 

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