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Students waiving multiple flags during an event
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Chorvátsky Grob
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The goal of this activity was to gather erasmus friends and meet in totally different conditions in the dark and hot water. Meet people in different places and chat together.


Thermal monkeys

Hey psps,
Wisper only bro, its a secret. I heard there will be a special event only for few.
Its a midnight adventure like none other.
At 23:30 we will take you by cars to secret thermal spring which is open 24/7 for free in nature. Dip in and chill out. One spring is 45°C, next one 35°C and the starry sky is beautiful.

Must bring:
Towel and its good to have some crocs so when you change you dont stand on ground

FYI: Dont be scared but some people there dont bath in swimsuits so its really up to u how u show up

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
Slow and Sustainable Tourism
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