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Goal of the Activity

The project aims to reach out to young people (also known as the "Erasmus Generation") who may be less aware of the opportunities and benefits offered by the European Union and who are less engaged with societal topics


 Through the EGiA focus groups, we gathered information from mobile and non-mobile university students about their perceptions on key topics:

  • Awareness about EU opportunities such as Erasmus, European Solidarity Corps and others.
  • Challenges and barriers to participating in these opportunities: Why do so many young people not access them? How can these barriers be overcome?
  • Awareness about the rights of mobile young people: Did mobile students know about their rights when they went on mobility? Do non-mobile students know about the rights they have as EU citizens?
  • Impact of mobility and civic engagement: Does mobility make more active citizens? What were the experiences of participants?
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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Counter Stereotypes & Embrace Cultural Differences
Diversity and Inclusion of Minority Groups
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Europe and European Citizenship
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Inclusive Education
Post-Mobility Reintegration
Showcase Cultural Heritage
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
Support Language Learning
Youth Rights and Democratic Participation

This activity is part of the project:

Erasmus Generation in Action (EGiA)
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