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Boat tour EASTOPIA 11.06.
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Our goal was to connect the people from the East Sections more by planning an internal event for a whole weekend. It is called EASTOPIA and we want to continue with it so maybe every semester one section can plan an EASTOPIA event at their city. This way we`ll always stay connected and get to share thoughts and ideas for future events or anything else.


We had a BBQ on friday night to get the chance to talk to the people from the other sections and to warm up a little bit. On saturday we had a nice breakfast all together and went to Königstein (Sächsische Schweiz) after to get ready for our big boat trip. It was a fun teambuilding event bc we prepared a few games for them where team work was important. The people in the boats (always 7 or 8 people) were completely mixed up so everyone got the chance to get to know a lot of people. After the 3-4 hour trip everyone went home to get ready for a nice party in the evening. The other sections were able to stay at our places here in Dresden. After a long party night we had a perfect hangover breakfast on the Elbe river on sunday. After that everyone went home again with a big smile on their faces.

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