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Goal of the Activity

1- Provide warm meal to homeless people in Munich

2- Showing the importance of social integration

3- Making awareness of the problem of homeless people and their need to have warm meal


We would like this time to try a new different experience. We would like to provide food for the homeless and the refugees.

The fees for this event will be used to buy food for the homeless/refugees. Then, we will cook together the food and go and distribute it as well together as one family.

Where to cook/the kitchen?     Company House Munich, Adresse: Frankfurter Ring 193A, 80807 München

Where to distribute the food?  Helene-Wessel-Bogen 29, München


The Event is going to be repeated frequently. Next time will be 29th July. The last one was 24th June 2022

This event will be organized in collaboration with ASIYAH- international humanitarian aid organization e.V.

ASIYAH- international humanitarian aid organization e.V. is a registered and non-profit aid organization that was founded in 2018. The association is entered in the register of associations at the local court in Frankfurt am Main. ASIYAH is more than just a non-profit organization. ASIYAH emerged from the commitment of young people who are committed to a fair and equitable distribution of resources worldwide. We make a contribution to intercultural understanding through our multicultural team.


For other erasmus sections, which would like to organize the same event, you can get in touch directly with 

ASIYAH e.V. c/o Nilab Taufiq, Ginnheimer Landstr. 42, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. +49 176 32404803  or you can send an Email [email protected]

You can refer to Mohamed Kassem from ESN TUMi München

ASIYAH e.V. has many other interesting project and they need volunteers for it and they are willing to work with our ESN organization. 

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Counter Stereotypes & Embrace Cultural Differences
Mental Health & Well-Being
Physical Health & Well-Being
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
Support Language Learning
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