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Volunteers preparing sandwiches for the solidarity barbecue.
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Type of activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

- Promote solidarity activities among exchange students;

- Prove to the local community that ESN cares about other causes like poverty and social inclusion;

- Give exchange students the chance to leave a good impact on the local community and have lots of fun at the same time.


We bet your beloved Erasmus friends have already invited you to spend a nice evening on the beach, but this time we are the ones inviting you to spend an amazing evening with us!! Come join us for an afternoon of activities like the How to Make The World Greener and the BEACH SUNSET at Sandhouse!!

Hold on! You were probably thinking that you will get hungry spending the day at the beach with all those intense moments... Well, we also have the solution for that!! We will cook for you... a SOLIDARITY BARBECUE!! 

Yes, your beloved ESNers are always thinking about what's best for you, but we also care about the less favored groups in our society! So why not putting everything together? We will have a barbecue on the beach and we'll donate all the money to CASA, an association that helps homeless people by offering them one free meal per day and some other goods that they need.  

Is there a better way to finish this incredible day than watching the sunset on the beach, surrounded by friends, listening to the waves and the background music, holding a beer in one hand and food in the other?!    

We all love the beach and of course, we always want to stay as long as possible next to the Atlantic Ocean. Well, fear not! We will keep you entertained throughout this evening! After the Sunset and the Barbecue, the party will continue at Sandhouse with good music and more beer! Take your ESN card and get your discount for the drinks! 


What: Beach Sunset & Solidarity Barbecue

When: Saturday, 5th of October at 6:30 pm

Where: Sandhouse

Result of the activity

The activity was very successful. We had hundreds of people at the event, who loved the party and all the games and moments we prepared for the sunset party. Also, people showed much interest in our solidarity barbecue since all the money earned was going to be donated to CASA, an association that gives food and helps homeless people from Porto. On the other hand, we had so many people at the event and not so many volunteers working, so it was hard to be cooking for everyone without making them wait a while on the line.

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