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the #esnmondaytours visual with photos of the cities of all participating ESN sections as banner


03/05/2021 - 07/06/2021

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As we still were under lockdown due to Covid-19 and therefore couldn't visit each other, we thought: Why not showing our cities virtually to each other? So the goal of our campaign was to raise awareness for the other ESN Sections & their student cities in our region of Northern Germany. By that we supported cultural education on our Instagram profiles and hope to have given some inspiration of where to go, when travelling becomes possible again. Moreover the goal was to strengthen the collaboration of the Northern Germany Sections. 

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Online Event Cooperation between Northern German Sections

14/04/2020 - 26/06/2020

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As the virus hits all of our sections quite hard, none of the planned activities for the summer semester were possible anymore. In the first call in April 2020 between the Northern sections we came to the conclusion that we all found ourselves in the same situation. . The sudden lack of events was especially critical for the beginning of the semester when the crucial role of ESN is to welcome the international students in their respective cities. The uncertainty of not being able to fulfill this task could only be anticipated by exploring the possibilities of digital activities. This was a whole new experience for almost all of our volunteers in the North and we decided to join forces and help each other during these exceptional times.  Another core idea of the joint activities was that during the first attempts of virtual activities by one section alone, every section faced the same obstacle: There was a clear lack of participation in their events. Seeing that it is very difficult to motivate not only international students to join online events but also volunteers to organise them due to their foreign format, we decided to join forces to create something bigger than one section was capable of at that time. Through sharing each other’s activities and dividing the work amongst the sections we saw the opportunity to gather more participants and volunteers engaging in our activities. For our members we thought it extremely important to see other motivated volunteers willing to organise activities that they also could engage in themselves. By creating collaborative digital platforms we also saw the possibility to share our common ESN spirit, helping our volunteers who might have lost their motivation to recover their engagement    Last but not at all least, there is a strength that affects the whole perception of the Erasmus Student Network within the single sections and also in the minds of international students. Creating a level of collaboration between sections lets them see the connection between different cities and people through the network. Communicating this connection to the local level can have a tremendous impact, not only on the common student’s perception of the ESN as a wide community but also on the working morale of the single volunteers. Raising awareness on the existence and functioning of other sections within the network has always helped local volunteers gain new skills, ideas and inspiration for their own local work. This can also be applied in this case

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ESN Düsseldorf goes Spree Break Berlin

15/11/2019 - 17/11/2019

Berlin, DE

Learn about Berlin with a lot of German historical sites, visit the parliament and bring Erasmus students from all over Germany together to celebrate the Erasmus spirit.

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