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Causes covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

The goal of our activity is making quarantine fun and productive together. As ESN Akdeniz we wanted to touch our causes as we could do as.We tried to maintain our mental health. Our workshop which is about dealing with stress was made by our student whose profession is psychology. Thanks to our online workshops, our Erasmus students did not feel alone and we all felt like we were still connected. 

Learning Objective for the participants

Learning objective for the participants was that being connected and sharing our mental backgrounds improved our mental health. With the help of sign language workshop we empathized people who has disorders.

Result of the activity

The resultl of our activity is sharings we make with the people we connect with is very important and we must protect our mental health in negative situations such as quarantine. We should not only think about ourselves but also the people around us and do something for society.

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