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Rajecká Lesná
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Objective / Goal of the activity

Main goal is introduce to Erasmus+ students Slovak nature and herritage. Improve cooperation with Erasmus+ students and show them active life spend in nature. Take a sport activities and hiking in nature. Improve relationships between ESN UNIZA, Erasmus+ students and local community. Show some cultural sites and landmarks and learn them traditional customs and life in village / nature conditions.


Adrenaline and adventurous weekend is organized by ESN UNIZA every semester in cooperation with the Centre for vacation and teambuilding in Rajecká Lesná. We were looking forward to this weekend from last spring semester. This semester the main theme of this special event was „Jungle“.

We had beautiful sunny weather and all the weekend we absolvated all activities what we planned during month before event started. We arrived Friday and at first we invited everybody to small hiking to the nearest hill for beautiful sunset. The program followed  BBQ with campfire and Jungle party at the end of the day.

Saturday morning we started with airsoft game after that everyone who wanted more adverture could join tree climbing with zip line. The same time others could try archery and airgun shooting. After big launch we continued with sport activities and fun outdoor group games. Before dinner one group competed in Volleyball match and other group  hiked to Janov hill. We finnised the day  with White T-Shirt party full of games and prizes. Sunday we took short walk to Rajecká valley and after lunch we visited Slovak „Betlehem“ on the way back to Žilina. We are thankful for support to University of Žilina, RedBull, TatraTea, EnjoyClub for the prizes given.

This type of events are organized every term with different theme and activities

Result of the activity

We had great time and Erasmus+ students explore beautiful nature of Rajecká valley. We improve relationships between Erasmus+ students and ESN members with small local community. We help improve our health and sport activities and explore some cultural sites of Slovak folklore. 

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