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During workshops, our main goal was to focus on the perspective of the person on the other side of the camera while promoting Discover Europe 2022


Our guest is fox lady, whose works you can find on Instagram https://instagram. com/lisia.dama?utm_medium=copy_link
Lisia Dama won a place at the International Photography Awards 2018 in the category Non-Professional Advertising, a place at the 4th Fine Art Photography Awards in the category amateur nudes and a place at the Deviantart Photo Challenge – Portraits 2019.

A few words about fox lady:
My name is Anna, although everyone calls me “Fox.” I’ve been involved in artistic activities at a young age, and the camera has always been with me. I danced for a few years in a ballet school and was associated with theatre, and stage improvisation, I painted and carved. It’s hard to determine the exact date of my beginnings in front of the lens, but posing has been occupying me for about 5 years.

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