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Visit the Palace of Parliament
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The goal of the activity was to show the Erasmus students the cultural heritage of Bucharest, the Palace of Parliament being the second largest building after the Pentagon. 


The Palace of the Parliament is the seat of the Parliament of Romania. Located on Dealul Arsenalului in central Bucharest, it is the largest administrative building in the world with a height of 84m, an area of 365,000m2 and a volume of 2,550,000m3.

In terms of weight, the Palace of the Parliament is the heaviest building in the world, weighing in at around 4,098,500,000kg.A colossal parliament building known for its ornate interior composed of 23 sections, it houses the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, three museums and an international conference center.

The tour took place with social distancing measures, according to the authorities restrictions. 

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