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Show the students that there are English events in Potsdam, even once’s organized by students. Bringing students together 


Are you a fan of dramas or would like to see one for the first time? Then join us for two plays performed by the @edgpotsdam next week!
If you want to have an overview of the plots please keep reading.

And Then There Was One - A Spoof” by Michael Druce, is about ten strangers spending a weekend on a deserted island with an unknown host as they start dying one by one in mysterious circumstance. Their second play “Oz” by Don Zolidis, will show a girl suddenly arriving in the world of Oz where she goes on a journey to find herself while trying to find her way back home.
Join us for those two mysterious plays by registering via the link below! We will be meeting in front of the Mensa at 6:45pm to go all in together.

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