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Goal of the activity

This Swap Language Café will take place in the comfort of your homes - we'll meet online!! Follow this link to join the Discord server! We'll start at 19.30!

Is your Russian getting rusty? Does your Spanish lack spirit? Do you need to dust off your Danish? 😎

At the Swap Language Café we meet to swap – if there’s a language you would like to practice or a language you can help others speak – then this is the night for you! 🤩

We welcome everyone with an interest in language to join us for an evening of talking and fun language activities! 🤗

All levels are welcome! 👏🏻 And no preparing necessary - just write a comment and tell us what language(s) you speak and would like to practice!

See you there! Nos vemos! À bientôt! Cкоро увидимся!

Learning Objective for the participants

You will have the change to learn a new language or go over that rusty old language that you haven't practiced in a while!

Result of the activity

A fun night spent with nice people in pursuit of learning that new language you've been meaning to learn for a while.

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