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Goal of the Activity

Erasmus Student Network is more than a context for people to work together towards a shared goal of a better tomorrow. Hence, this activity is meant to bring all our volunteers closer to each other in a non-formal environment were they can increase their capabilities through our wonderful NFE activities.


📌Location: Terra Mythica /Terra Park - Ighiu, Alba
📆Date: 29/04 - 30/04 -01/05
🤑Price: 200 / 218 RON
200 RON = accommodation + 5 meals
18 RON = bus transfer Teius - Ighiu & return (optional)

ESN Cluj-Napoca volunteers & guests of ESN Targu Mureș & Alba Iulia + maybe some international guests 😏

It's getting real, ladies and gents 🎉

To get you in the team building spirit, we have prepared a Survival Guide for you ✨

In order to have fun starting on the 29th of April 📆, you need to give this guide a close read and follow the steps indicated. ✅

Probably the most important part is the train tickets. (for those that are not coming by car).
‼️Please make sure you purchase the tickets (departure + return) prior to leaving from Cluj as indicated in the Survival Guide.

For more disscusions please also join this group:

Should you have any questions, feel free to message the discussion group or anyone from the OC. ❣️


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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Experiential Learning (NFE)
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Physical Health & Well-Being
Recognition of Skills
This activity was organised by: