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Grocery shop for CARITAS
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Social raffle that aims to collect the money useful for a Grocery shop for CARITAS


The activity came from a group of three Erasmus students that would give something back to the Sassari's Community who gave them the opportunity of living a wonderful Erasmus experience.

We asked to CARITAS, an organisation that provides food, clothes and a roof to all the people in need of it in which way could be possible to help them and after having received the grocery shop list we organized the fundraising.

In order to have a different and more interesting fundraising we decided to create a raffle with prizes offered by ESN Sassari and some ESN members and Erasmus.

Within the money collected we managed to buy several grocery items.

The CARITAS thanked us a lot and explained us all the facilities offered for local and international in need people.

Caritas is an international association shares the mission of the Catholic Church to serve the poor and to promote charity and justice throughout the world.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Diversity and Inclusion of Minority Groups
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
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