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Prague 4 - Kunratice
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Objective / Goal of the activity

-> Sewing face-masks for people in need, during quarantine

-> For internetional students: To meet other people see, that Erasmus is not just about partying, meeting new people, to have fun during quarantine.



This event started as an initiative of students of University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. The group for volunteers was created and also ESN members were involved. The great part of this initiative was sewing face-masks for hospitals, retirement homes and employees and students of UCT. ESN UCT Prague was part of it, and we actively tried to involve international students to participate - which was succesful.


Result of the activity

We helped lot of people in situation, there were no face-masks in Czech republic and it was mandatory to cover your mouth and nose with some piece of cloth/facemask outside. There were also no face-mask for nurses in hospitals...

We had fun, we helped a lot of people and international students could meet Czech students and actively help in volunteering. It was also part of culture, because in time, there were no face-masks, citizens of the whole Czech republic started to sew face-masks and started to help each other.

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