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The purpose of the event was to introduce participants to the world of RPG games. They took on the role of characters and played as a team, through which they were able to complete their assigned mission. It develops creativity and communication skills.


“RPG with ESN-EYE” is an event promoting intercultural integration through a role-playing game. The meeting began with a presentation of what RPG games are, how to read the character card and how the game works. The event was designed for beginners. Participants played the roles of ready-made characters and participated in a variety of activities such as fighting, talking, exploring the map and solving puzzles. They had to work together with each other in a creative, clever way and with quick response time. The session ended with small rewards for all who decided to take part. The prize was chocolate gold coins - a “payment” for accomplishing the mission entrusted to them. The whole event was accompanied by music.

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