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Children while painting

Art for Mind


Lodz, PL

This project is a response to the current political situation related to the war in Ukraine. By organizing such an event, we wanted to contribute to the improvement of the welfare of people from Ukraine and enable them to release their emotions and regulate stress by painting together. Children who were taken out of their homes had the opportunity to integrate with each other, develop their artistic skills and at the same time improve their well-being. We managed to bring smiles to their faces and we are very proud that we were able to contribute to their happiness even in a small way.


Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Mobility Week

09/05/2022 - 13/05/2022

Lodz, PL

The project enables students to contact people from other countries. They can learn about other cultures and gain useful knowledge that they can use during their departure from the Erasmus program. Moreover, as part of the event, workshops were also organized at individual faculties - thanks to participation in the event, students can improve their professional situation, acquire new skills and gain new contacts useful in a professional environment. The whole project provides students with the knowledge they need to go abroad and maybe stay in another country permanently in the future.

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Environmental Sustainability

Sniffing Mats

Sniffing Mats with ESN-EYE


Łódź, PL

The project is innovative, supports environmental protection and animals in temporary homes. Were it not for the idea of ​​converting the leftover production materials into olfactory mats, they would certainly be thrown away. Thanks to this event, we were able to give a second life to materials that might have gone to waste. Moreover, such mats have many advantages for our canine colleagues. They help, among other things: reduce excess stress, stimulate the animals intellectually and slow down the time of eating meals. Thanks to this project, we also promoted active spending of time and conscious care for dogs. Keepers of animals in temporary homes are not always aware of their needs, the mats we have created are the answer to this problem. Apart from that, as with every Social Inclusion project, there was a fantastic atmosphere during the event. Once again we have noticed that helping really brings people together.


Education & Youth

Erasmus students and coordinators in high school

Stereotype, it's not my style

28/04/2022 - 30/05/2022

Lodz, PL

Our first goal is to spread knowledge about other cultures and combat stereotypes, especially taken into regard the current situation and its impact on wide-spread tolerance in Poland. During the activities the youth had an opportunity to gain knowledge about foreign countries. We wanted to awaken interest in other cultures and curiosity about the world. Our aim was also to broaden their perspectives. Polish youth aged 15-25 is brought up by a generation of people that didn’t have an opportunity to travel, don’t know how to do it affordably or are just scared of doing it because of their old beliefs. Those beliefs are often injected into young minds and discourage them from getting to know other cultures.  The main objective is to battle harmful stereotypes that can often lead to unnecessary conflicts. We feel that our society is uneducated in that aspect. Sometimes we don’t realise we can offend someone by assuming their features. Some stereotypes can be fun but we should spread awareness that not everything that is funny for us is funny for other people.


Health & Well-being


HOT event with ESN-EYE


Łódź, PL

We all know how important it is to take care of immunity these days. Both the pandemic and the transition period between seasons is a time when a large part of us struggle with various types of infections. In order to prevent this, you should regularly harden your body. Sauna is a great way. Increasing the body temperature by about 1-3 degrees is not conducive to viruses and bacteria. But the sauna doesn't just affect our immune system. Its positive effects are also: oxygenation of the body, muscle relaxation (post-workout regeneration, pain prevention) or acceleration of metabolism. It should be remembered that after the heating phase, there must be a cooling phase (pouring, showering or immersion in a pool with cold water). After that, you should rest for a while and you can repeat the cycle.



Participants of Travel Quiz

Travel Quiz with ESN-EYE


Łódź, PL

The goal of the activity was to encourage learning about world and its diversity, give an opportunity for a friendly competition and help create a community of people with common interests and passions.