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The goal of our events is to help students get to know the city and it's surroundings. 

Also we want to bring them together to find new friends and get to know other cultures, for this we organize different events like parties, trips, sports events and many more.


We published the event with this description:


The Residenz is the former royal palace of the kings of Bavaria. Located within the heart of Munich, this extravagant palace complex features lavish interiors furnished with an enormous antiques collection, and all manner of priceless treasure. Today it can be visited as a museum, but it also houses numerous concert halls and theatres.

The Residenz originated as a small moated castle, built in 1385, and was gradually expanded by the Wittelsbach rulers who used it until 1918 as their residence and seat of government. Highlights are the Antiquarium (Hall of Antiquities), the largest secular Renaissance hall north of the Alps, the early 17th-century rooms, including the Reiche Kapelle (Ornate Chapel), the Steinzimmer (Stone Rooms) and the Trierzimmer (Trier Rooms), the magnificent Rococo Rooms (Ancestral Gallery and Ornate Rooms by François Cuvilliés the Elder) and the neoclassical Königsbau (King's Tract) created by Leo von Klenze. Also on display are special collections such as silver, ecclesiastical vestments and porcelain from the 18th and 19th centuries and East Asia.

The registration fee includes admission to the Residenzmuseum itself, but not the Royal Treasury, which requires a separate ticket. After visiting the museum, we will have lunch at the TUM canteen nearby and show you how it works.

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