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HO HO HOLY MOLY, Christmas is coming!!! TaSciEn and FINT will celebrate the festiveness with a pre-christmas sauna evening on December 7th in ...drum roll please... TEEKKARISAUNA!! The all-time favorite sauna has been renovated and is now better than ever 🤩🥳🩵💜🩵💜


The tournament is arranged in a way that everyone gets to play multiple games, and it will start at 19.00. Grab yourself a partner and a few drinks and come play !

Finally, there will also be a little gift exchange, because everyone deserves a present! If you want to participate, bring a small gift with value no more than 5 €. And finally finally, don't forget to bring cash, we will be selling beverages and foods. 🎁🎄🎁

WHAT: Pikkujoulu sauna and beer pong tournament
WHEN: December 7th, the sauna opens at 18.30
WHERE: TEEKKARISAUNA!! Tekniikankatu 11, 33720
DRESS THEME: Show us your beautiful ugly sweater with overalls if you have them!
WHAT TO BRING: Swimsuit, towel, drinks and a small gift
WHY: Free sauna! And PALJU!!
FOR WHOM: ESN FINT and Tascien members

Noise: Conversations, music, film; possible loud music and shouting
Crowds: More than 25 people are expected
Accessibility: Accessible terrain for everyone
Alcohol: Alcoholic & alcohol-free drinks are available

This event is harrasment free - if you face any inappropriate behavior, you can contact [email protected] or get help confidentially.

ESN FINTin järjestämät tapahtumat ovat avoimia kaikille kansainvälismielisille opiskelijoille, mukaan lukien suomalaiset tutkinto-opiskelijat! Tulkaa rohkeasti vaan mukaan tapahtumiimme nauttimaan kansainvälisestä ilmapiiristä 😊. Tiedoksi vielä että näissä tapahtumissa ensisijainen käyttökieli on englanti, mutta usein vaihtarit haluavat myös kovasti harjoitella suomen kielen käyttämistä.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Mental Health & Well-Being
Showcase Cultural Heritage
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
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