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Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program
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Goal of the Activity

Bringing together the local community and international students in a cosy overnight stay at the Youth Island.



Looking for a different way to spend Easter with a sense of community? Eager to forge new connections and immerse yourself in a weekend of shared experiences?

Welcome to Easter at Ungdomsoen! Picture a weekend where you can take a breather from everyday life, indulge in the joy of discovering new places, others, and celebrate the richness of diversity during the Easter season.

Designed for those aged 18 to 30, this event is an open invitation to everyone seeking the vibrant community spirit from Ungdomsoen & ESN. Whether you're joining for a day or making it an overnight stay, we've curated a program packed with delightful surprises.

When & Where:

Mark your calendar for March 23rd, with the ferry leaving from Nyhavn at 10 in the morning. And return to the mainland on the same evening at 7 PM or extend the merriment till March 24th with a morning departure, with a heart full of joy.

Why Join?

The goal of this event is to make you spend Easter in a new way, and have fun while meeting others and sharing a unique experience. We want to bring together Danes and Internationals, and all different kinds of students and young people to get out of our own bubbles, in a celebration of diversity and community. 

We have many activities planned, and we are sure you will find what tickles you! We bring to you the Easter classics with an Egg hunt around the island and the traditional Egg Painting, egg-citing right? We are also sure you will fall in love with the sauna by the sea and learn a lot of new perspectives in our workshop about volunteering and tour of the island. But there’s more, just look at the program below!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of Easter at Ungdomsoen. Get ready for a weekend filled with laughter, shared stories, and the joy of building connections. Pack your enthusiasm and join us for an Easter getaway that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.




10:00  The ferry departs from Nyhavn 71 (be there no later than 15 minutes before departure)

10.30  Welcome and check-in

11.30  Guided Tour of the Island

12:30  Lunch

13.30 🥚 Easter Egg Hunt

15:00  Workshop on Volunteering

16:00  Pick your activities: Laser Tag / Sauna / Egg painting Workshop / History Lore or the Island / Free Time

18:00 👨‍🍳 Communal dining with food from the island chef

19:00 🪵Evening Bonfire Hygge

19:10  Possibility of sailing from Ungdomsøen to Nyhavn 71

20:30 🧩Chill evening with Board Games, Bonfire, Music and bar


SUNDAY 24/03

09:00  Drop-in breakfast until 10am

10:00  Check-out

10:30  Departure from Ungdomsøen to Nyhavn 71

*Program is preliminary and some times are subject to change



We like to take pictures and video for events on Ungdomsøen. The image material can be used for communication of and about Ungdomsøen on website, social media, in printed matter and other media. If you do not want to appear in the pictures, just tell the photographer at the event in question.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Europe and European Citizenship
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Physical Health & Well-Being
Showcase Cultural Heritage
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
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