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Objective / Goal of the activity

Raising awareness about active citizenship, the environmental issues and sustainable mobility throughout Pisa; meeting volunteers from Legambiente and getting to know their mission and actions; discovering new green areas.


Together with the environmental organization Legambiente, we've decided to walk through some "hidden" green areas of the city and make interactive breaks in each park. We've organised a different activity for each of them: 

  1. Legambiente's volunteers have talked about their mission and actions on the territory
  2. We've run an environmental quiz. The prize for winners were T-shirts of ESN Pisa
  3. We've freely danced and played some typical Italian games, like capture the flag.
  4. Both ESNers and International Students have shared poems related to Nature, which are famous in their own country.
  5. Legambiente has provided us with gloves and bags, then we've cleaned the whole green area all together. The cherry on top of this nice activity!

During the walk, we were dancing and singing. We had really much fun!

Result of the activity

The International students were super happy and satisfied at the end of the activity. Most of them have become active participants in our activities related to the Environmental cause, even now that we are focusing only on digital ones. We've also proved that it is possible to address complicated topics while having fun!

Thanks to this event, we've been selected as Section in the Spotlight by ESN Italy for the month of February

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