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Poster of Izmir Sightseeing Event
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To embark on a journey to explore the vibrant city of ─░zmir and savor the rich flavors of Turkish culture.


Thanks to the Izmir Sightseeing event, we had the opportunity to introduce the cultural symbols of the city to Erasmus students. Our journey began with one of Izmir's landmarks, the Clock Tower. Here, we got a glimpse of the city's old center. Later, we visited the Historical Elevator, which has been used in daily life by the local residents since 1907 due to its distinctive structure. After enjoying the magnificent sea view from the Izmir Historical Elevator, we strolled through Kemeralt─▒ Bazaar, the commercial heart of the city, visiting old inns and shops. Finally, we rejuvenated ourselves with the famous Turkish coffee, concluding a day filled with exploration and cultural immersion.

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