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Causes covered by this activity
Mental Health & Well-Being
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
Goal of the Activity

Bring international students together to experience high tea and relax on a Sunday afternoon! 


Hello everyone!

As you know, sadly we can’t have another international dinner this week due to the new regulations. But since we still want to see all of you, we decided to invite you for High Tea  this Sunday at Grand Café van Buuren 

You can come and enjoy a nice cup of tea along with many delicious snacks specially prepared for you while spending time with us and your fellow ESN members.

The High Tea will be from 15:00 to 17:00 and will include the following snacks (along with tea): 

  • Canape with salmon, avocado, and red onion
  • Mini quiche with vegetables 
  • Beet wrap, mozzarella and pesto
  • Canape with carpaccio and mustard mayo
  • Mini Caesar salad
  • Macaron
  • Candy lollipop 
  • Shortbread with caramel and chocolate 
  • Scone with crème frache and jam
  • Cheesecake with red fruit coulis

Ticket price:

  • Member: €15,00
  • Non-Member: €17,00

You will need a valid corona QR code and ID ready to enter the restaurant so make sure that you have and bring those!

We are excited to see many of you there!

Type of Activity

By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-BeingGoal 4: Quality EducationGoal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
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