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Objective / Goal of the activity

- meet other incoming students

- meet Czech culture&other cultures

- learn first aid in a lab

- show your culture

- stay healthy by walking in Czech nature


Our section is used to prepare GTK weekend every year at the beggining of winter semester. It's usually meant as intergration week. This year we tried to prepare something for those who came just for one semester, we changed a concept a bit and we tried to balance social inclusion and intergration together. How? Let's go through this event day by day:

Friday 14.2.

What a magical day to meet new people, right?

After that our students came, we showed them their rooms, gave them a rest and than we made groups by 6-7 people with teamleaders - ESNers, we had some discusions, teamleaders had to speak with the team, ask them some questions and than international students painted t-shirts for teamleaders. After that we started with our Valentine dinner in the dark. We made pairs from them and each pair got a scarf and they tried, how is it to eat blind. 
After dinner in the dark we slowly came to "International Randez-vous". Two circles were made, students faced each other and they got 3 tasks - "Introduce yourself and your country, learn other person some world from your language, tell other person something typical for your country." After that we had free time, when our students played board games.

Saturday 15.2.

We woke up and we had some warm-up and breakfast. After that our students could meet some Czech traditions. Whole day they worked as the group (the one we made the day before for 6-7 people). We made 4 stations - Czech tongue twisters, Czech basic frazes, Czech level up frazes, Czech child games. It was fun. After that and after lunch we made a "hunting game" with 6 stations. Our students walked around 8-10 km long distance and during this walk, they had to made their own shouts using one Czech world, learn some czech worlds, solve some puzzle... We also made one discipline, in which we told students story about car crash where they lost one "ability" - hand, mouth, eyes (they went blind), leg... And they had to cross the imaginary river - they had to help each other. After crossing the river, they could heal themselves by telling us some first aid in laboratory. 
Because of we were accomodated in beautiful location of "Slapská dam", our international students could enjoy really beautiful view in our beautiful Czech nature. Whole weekend was really refreshing (no shops, almost no signal - students still enjoyed that a lot).

We had dinner and than party could start - International party where students could show their favourite songs from their country, flags were hanging all over the place and what more - we tried to be responsible - water, some food and some snacks were served, so people could enjoy the party without hangover next they - references showed us, that it worked.

Sunday 16.2.

This day we were packing our things,  we cleaned the place and we said goodbye. We gave prizes to winners of haunting games and some small reminder to each student. We made a photo together and let everyone go.

Result of the activity

Students could meet our traditions, they also could make friends. I think we reached our goals and what more, it was also teambuilding for ESN members. 

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