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Relax and goodbye


Dear Erasmus, international and local students! 

We hope you enjoyed your time in Tallinn! Oh the times we had… all those memories, and especially the untold stories that will stay in Tallinn  We hope you had the time of your life! 

This amazing semester is getting close to its end, so let’s have a proper goodbye and make this night count! We invite you to the FAREWELL PARTY! 

You will get a chance to make a souvenir for yourself: start with a simple white t-shirt, and leave with a t-shirt full of memories of your closest friends in Tallinn 
Wear your own white T-shirt or buy one on the spot for 5€!

And what's more, we will have ERASMUS TITLE AWARDS! 
Nominate your favorites here

WHAT: Farewell Party
WHEN: 1st of December at 23.00 (Thursday)
WHERE: DOOR Club (Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn)
5€ with the ESNcard
7€ without the ESNcard

THEME: White T-shirt Farewell Party (We will have white T-shirts with "We are the Erasmus generation" on the front at the party. Price for T-shirt: 5€, different sizes but better be fast)

You just can't miss all the surprises we have for you 

On this night you will have:

- Best party of the semester with crazy fun dancing and partying all night long! 
- Erasmus title awards (read below!) 
- You will be able to get your own "We are the Erasmus generation" white T-shirts! The price for a T-shirt is 5€, with different sizes available (S, M, L, XL) 

Erasmus Titles:
There will be a title nominations form to fill out 
Write down the names of the most unforgettable people you have met during your stay in Estonia 
You can start thinking now about who deserves such titles as the Biggest Flirt, Most Popular, Estonian language master, Funniest Personality, Dynamic Duo
Winners will be announced during the party! 

Nominate your favorites here:

Come join us and let’s make it a night to remember!

With love,
ESN TalTech IC, ESN Tallinn, ESN TLU IC, AASE 

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