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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

At the ESN Movie Night, we watched “Quo Vado”, an Italian comedy movie that aimed at comparing the
Italian culture with others and highlight which stereotypes are usually associated with Italy.
Before the movie screening, we made the students share their ideas, doubts, or even prejudices they have
about the Italian culture. During the screening, whenever the movie allowed us to do so, we tried to make
comparisons between attitudes, practices, and behaviors of the cultures that were shown in the movie.
After the movie, we took some more time to discuss and make comments, asking students from other
countries to share their opinion.

Learning Objective for the participants

The overall feedback of the Erasmus students who joined our movie night was positive: they seemed
enthusiastic and to have enjoyed the movie night. After the movie, we had time to chat with the students
for a while, making them interact and get to know themselves a bit more. We had a lovely time sharing fun
facts about different cultures!

Result of the activity

The result was great.

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