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ESN City Challenge
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To experience Innsbruck in a different way!


Welcome to Innsbruck!

Your exchange adventure has just begun, and for sure you’re still marvelling at the curiosities of our town, discovering new interesting places every day, and slowly (veeeery slowly!) getting used to the amounts of “kchs” in the Tyrolean accent!

At one of our first events this semester, we’re giving you the chance to engage with our city on a whole new level: We are sending you and your new friends on a scavenger hunt and photo challenge throughout Innsbruck. You’ll learn about its history, its people, and its places. You’ll meet locals, overcome your shyness with some daring tasks, and thus make your first great memories!

We will create small groups on WhatsApp with the participants, split you up randomly! The task sheet will be sent to you in the WhatsApp group, fill it out online (google Docs) and send your photos and videos, too.


On the 3rd of October (Tuesday) starting from 2 pm (you can join your group anytime)


Filling in this form:



WhatsApp group link will be sent to you per email (check even in spam)


What to bring?

your phones or cameras


an open mind


Don’t hold back! – the winning group will receive some fancy Innsbruck-gear that’ll make locals either go green with envy or immediately fall in love with you!

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
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